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Vasper Training System

The Benefits of a 2-hour Workout...

in 20 Minutes!

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Try Vasper Training

You could be getting results like this...

“My stamina is off the charts…I’m 62 and can keep up with the young paddlers.”

Since the first time doing Vasper, I noticed that my sleep pattern is much better and I dream a lot more. I also belong to a canoe club and have noticed that my stamina is off the charts. I am 62 and can keep up with the young paddlers. Try Vasper and you’ll notice the difference right away. I like it so much that I come 6 days a week.

Curtis Takahama

What is Vasper Training

“High intensity, anaerobic training without the wear & tear, time or effort.”

Anaerobic exercise, typically high intensity interval training or heavy weightlifting, breaks down muscle tissue which triggers the release of powerful regenerative hormones that repair the damaged areas. The subsequent benefits include improved sleep, cardiovascular health, glucose metabolism, muscle strength, metabolic function, energy, endurance and cognitive function. Vasper Training mimics the physiology of anaerobic training without the wear & tear, time or effort using cooling and compression technology.

You could be the next

Vasper success story

Vasper is the most efficient use of time to help stay as fit as can be. Thirty minutes exercising and cooling down is something I strongly recommend and I sleep much better since having started Vasper 3 and a half years ago.

-Michael Chock, CPA

While doing the last mile of the P.F. Chang 30K in October 2010, I punctured a nerve in my left calf and was told I had to lay off running for a while.  A week after, I got introduced to Vasper.  

Just after my first session, I could walk!  At the time, there was only one sit-down unit located at Queen’s Rehab. I would walk to and from work every other day continuously throughout the year and come December, I finished the marathon without injuries. Until this day, going on five years now, still no injuries.  I am delighted that the ailment never flared up again. I was hooked.
Vasper has been an amazing addition to my daily workout routine. I feel stronger after a regimen, and I would even add in a session before going for a run. The recovery is tremendous... 

There are times when I am unable to do my regular workout but I make sure I commit to a Vasper session.  Because 20 minutes on the Vasper machine jump starts your body and becomes the equivalent of the total workout you would have exerted at a normal given time and much more. The benefits are immediate and tangible.  However, I have yet to see it remove my wrinkles!

Being a long-time member of Clark Hatch (30 years), I am ecstatic that Vasper has finally come home to our gym. Vasper has given me the edge to recover faster, stay strong, and still keep up with those young studs!  The calendar tolls me turning 63 this year, but I feel much younger, thanks to Vasper!

-Tere Hunt, Cades Schutte LLP

Being with Vasper for over a year has helped me keep a regular exercise routine. For the working woman, it’s a convenient, efficient and effective 20-minute exercise program.

-Terri Fujii
Audit Partner, CW Associates, CPAS

Vasper Honolulu Training

Vasper Training Options


    • $99 / month
    • Purchase Unlimited Monthy Training

      No Cancellation Charge
    • $159 / month
    • Purchase Unlimited Monthy Training + Gym Membership
    • $149
    • Sessions must be used within
      3 months of purchase

      Purchase 10-pack



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vasper training really 20 minutes?

One Vasper Session is a 20-minute interval training based workout equivalent to about a 2-hour weightlifting workout.


How is this workout different from others?

Vasper Systems is a low impact 20-minute workout with high-intensity results.

Cooling prevents fatigue providing the same amount of exertion from the first sprint to the last.

Compression builds up lactic acid by occluding venous return and allows the brain to think a lot of work was just accomplished for a short period of time.

Grounding (bare feet on the foot pedals) regulates the pH balance within the body. These three components together can result in multiple benefits within the body.



How will Vasper training it help me?

Vasper can help with many things but the main benefits people have reported are improvement in sleep, stamina and less aches and pains.


Can I exercise in addition to doing Vasper training? If so, should I work out before or after a Vasper session?

We recommend incorporating Vasper sessions into your current workout routine for better results.  However, each person is different.  Our Vasper Trainers will alter the sessions to suite your goals and current fitness level. We also recommend doing your workout before a Vasper session but it depends on your body and what you can handle.


How often should I do Vasper?

For best results we recommend doing a 20-minute Vasper session 2 to 3 times a week.  However, many people have experienced results in as little as once a week.

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