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Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

Have you been spending countless hours in the gym and not seeing the image you want in the mirror? A personal trainer can help you create the body you want. The benefits of hiring a personal trainer goes beyond creating a workout out program. They help you stay motivated and keep you injury free, so you don’t have any down time. They help create invigorating workouts to prevent boredom and to challenge your muscles. They can also address an injury you may have so you can still train. They hold you accountable to your goals. They can also help with nutritional guidance, so all your hard work in the gym will show.
At Clark Hatch we offer a free assessment and evaluation so you can see for yourself how one of our certified personal trainers can help you smile at the reflection looking back at you.
Weight loss:

Just like a professional athlete has a coach to help him excel at his game, hiring a personal trainer will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. Your personal trainer ‘coach’ will help you streamline your efforts so you become effective and efficient with both your workouts and nutrition. They will motivate and encourage you to make sure you stay on track to reach your goal

Functional training:

This method of training helps train your muscles to do everyday activities safely and efficiently, thus improving the quality of your life. Instead of focusing on strengthening just one muscle group at a time, the focus is on a multijoint, multimusclular approach. For example, a squat, bicep curl and shoulder press uses the same muscles you’d use while putting your suitcase in an overhead bin.

Corrective Exercise:

Do you have low back pain? Or when you look in the mirror do you notice your shoulders are rounded and your head jets forward? Corrective exercising is what you need. It helps realign the body and improve movement
limitations so you can be pain free and have better posture. We work on strengthening the weak muscles and stretching the tight muscles.

  • 1 session – $75
  • 10 sessions – $649
  • 20 sessions – $1,199
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